Awards, Nominations, Reviews



Awards, Nominations, and Reviews




Pianissimo is a 2015 Lambda Literary "Lammy" Award nominee!


Lauren Shiro has been nominated for the Dr. James Duggins Outstanding Mid-Career Novelist Award!



Awards and Accolades


In the Keystone Alliance Gaylife Newsletter's 2015 Reader's Choice Awards, Lauren Shiro was named Lesbian of the Year!


Pianissimo took 6th place in the 2014 P & E Poll in the Romance Novel Category!

Loving Her Volume 1 was a 2013 P & E Poll Nominee and took 2nd place in the Short Story Romance Category!

Her short story, Amnesie was a 2012 P & E Poll Nominee and tied for 6th place in the Short Story Romance category!



Lauren Shiro (L. E. Harvey) was listed as one of the Top 100 Authors on Facebook (top 50 each time) for 2010, 2011 and again in 2012!


Keystone Gaylife Newsletter's Reader's Choice awards named Lauren Shiro (L. E. Harvey):

2015 - Lesbian of the Year; 2nd Runner up for LGBT Couple of the Year (with her wife, Vicki)

2014 - Recipient of the Stacy Walker Memorial Award; 2nd Runner up for Lesbian of the Year

2013 - LGBT Couple of the Year (with her wife, Vicki)

2012 - LGBT Couple of the Year (with her wife, Vicki); 1st Runner up for Lesbian of the Year; 2nd Runner up for Staff Columnist of the Year


Lauren Shiro (L. E. Harvey) was the first ever author featured on's Lesbian Author Spotlight! Click HERE to see the feature!


Lauren Shiro (L. E. Harvey) was listed as one of Turn Around Media's featured writers for 2010! Click HERE to see her listed on page 4 of the April 2010 edition!




"So impressed with Author Lauren E. Harvey 's writing...she pulls you in and makes you feel her characters...highly recommend! " - Kristen Minnich

"I just love her work. Her books are by far one of the best I ever read! Author Lauren E. Harvey's books I think should be read in schools to teach more about AIDS and those darn Labels people use on others. They are must must must must reads. Those books opened my eyes to things I knew were going on but never really thought about. They also make you think. I think they do touch your heart and your mind...for me they did. Great author!" - Mellisa Neal,

"Words cannot tell you how the books that you've written that I have read have made a lasting impression on me. You are a gifted writer." - Becky Palmer

"... your skills are certainly impressive..." - HRC (The Human Rights Campaign)

"Everyone should have your books, they are an amazing read. I'm proud to have them on my book shelf." - Annie Portereno


From the P & E Poll (cumulative):

"Lauren is an excellent writer. Her books inspire and promote change."

"Well-written lesbian romance short stories."

"Her work is amazing and speaks to the soul."

"Her writing is outstanding!"

"Amazing way with words."

"This is a great book."

"Wonderful book!

"Any romance that makes my heart beat faster deserves my vote!"

"Lauren Shiro's books invite the reader to think deeply about social awareness and acceptance of alternative lifestyles. She has the ability to do so while also engaging the reader in dramatiic story lines and rich character development. Her themes are universal and every reader can relate to some aspect of her stories... adding another layer to the inner awareness that we are all alike, facing similar human conditions."

"Great writer!"

"A real page turner! Love the characters and detail!"

"Lauren Shiro's writing is amazing and I look forward to reading more of her work!"



"5 stars! A fascinating concept revealed through letters and an ancient much abused piano. A young couple buys an old house . The man goes off to his last tour in a war zone and left alone, the wife discovers more than she expected when she enters the basement.
Secrets, an exquisite love story from another era are revealed as the young woman struggles to remove paint from the piano where beneath the ugly green lies mahogany. Pianissimo is a story of growth, understanding and love to capture the readers heart." - Don Thorkelson

"5 stars! Lauren has outdone herself with Pianissimo! She just gets better and better with her details, adjectives and story lines. This is a MUST READ!
She can capture your mind right into the book. You will see yourself in the midst of the drama. Dont forget to read her other classics as well!" - Lisa Cogar

"5 stars! What a great idea! I loved reading all the history of the family, house and piano..and tying it in to the present day. I found the book to be very interesting and I was totally invested in what happened to the characters." -Suecup

Inked Rainbow Reads:

"I really enjoyed the historical parts, and I adored Margaret and Agnes. They were simply wonderful,... Because I enjoyed Margaret and Agnes so much, I look forward to reading Ms. Shiro's other work..." -Renee

"I loved the idea of the piano being the connection between all these women and having little bits of information about Agnes and Margaret be filtered through the beginning part,...interesting premise..." -Amy

"I think the idea of the book is good...I did like the fact that it shows gays have been around forever and that they are people. It made some good points and has the ability to possibly open some eyes." -Amber


Loving Her

"4 stars! I enjoyed this book very much. I like how the author introduces each couples stories separately but then brings it together by putting a little of each story to show how they all relate. A very good read!" - Karyn Gonzalez

"5 stars! This collection is a clever way to meet many of the characters from Lauren's separate books. This gives a more in depth background to each one." - Suecup

"5 stars! I would highly recommend this book! I loved the romance! I adored Stacie. Such a fun character. And I loved the chemistry between the two leads!! I can't wait to read the rest of the series!! What are you waiting for? Read this fabulous book." -Tamara Philip, author (for The Ballerina, book 1 in the Loving Her series)

"5 stars! As always, Lauren Shiro never fails to give the reader a beautifully illustrated and compelling story." -Suecup (for The Cop, book 2 in the Loving Her series)



"4 stars! Imperfect by L.E. Harvey puts you right in the center of true love. Harvey wrote a telling tale of an emotional ride. We watch as this love grows and flourishes even through tough times and you will surely feel the emotion portrayed." -B. K. Drury/BK Walker Books

"Wow! This is an amazing story! You really know how to hit someone emotionally! It's one of those books you just can't put down once you get started! And what a cliff-hanger! I really like it! It reads well and it moves really well. And, you literally paint pictures very well. I get very clear mental images while reading the book! Thank you so very much for writing the book! I really enjoyed it very much!" -Lloyd Kaneko, author

"Life is imperfect! People are imperfect. The tone of L. E. Harvey's book is profound, sad, thoughtful. It pulls at your heart and your mind making you think. Once again she has done an outstanding job. A perfect 5 stars for Imperfect." -Shani Bush, author

"5 stars! This book was a wonderful read. I would read it again...I would give this book a 5 hands down I felt like I knew the people in the book. Gave me a new out look on gays I was never anit gay I really never cared I looked at it this way don't bother me and I won't bother you. This book will show you that we are all the same and love is love is love. Very glad I got to read and review this book." - Mellisa

"5 stars! I just completed reading 'Imperfect,' by L.E. Harvey on my kindle reader for mac applic...and I would highly recommend this book. It had a bit of everything including a true love story with a rather surprise ending. I cannot wait to read the sequel. The book reads well and quickly and it took me the reader inside the story and into the community of the book. I felt like I really knew the characters. It was loving and sad, emotional and suspenseful. At the book's end I immediately wanted more. As I said above I highly recommend 'Imperfect.'" - L.D.B.




"Lauren E. Harvey has an impeccable style of writing. This was a very emotionally poignant story. A family in distress and joy, all in the same moments of time. Thought provokingly beautiful I can honestly say about this book. Your emotions will run high while reading this wonderful story. Wonderful Job Lauren E. Harvey. I give this impeccable book 5 stars.
A must read." -Shani Bush, author

"5 stars! I read this book from beginning to end in one sitting. It the sequel to 'Imperfect.' This book had many turns and surprises. I watched the characters grown and lived each page. I kept hoping for a positive ending for Carol in the book. I received a surprise ending that gave the book an added sense that life was moving on. I highly recommend the first book 'Imperfect,' and the book 'Impeccable,' by L E. Harvey. All books are autobiographical because you are present in your the words you write. Thank you Lauren for a very compelling and sad story that showed that life can go on in other ways and down new roads. I recommend both 'Imperfect and Impeccable.'" -L.D.B.


Unbreakable Hostage

"5 stars! I read this awhile ago and it sit fondly in my kindle awaiting my turn to read it one more time. I have read nearly all of Lauren's books and I always look forward to more books in the future. I highly recommend Lauren's is a thriller that keeps you on the edge of your seat throughout your read." - Laura Badmone



"...that was wonderful! I loved it. I rarely read stories that deal with relationships between two women, but this was beautiful. The drama, the mysteriousness.... it was awesome! I truly enjoyed it! A fantastic read!" - Laura Badmone

"5 stars! A realistic story that could be happening right now to someone you love. This is a great example of the power of love." -Suecup

A 2012 P & E Poll Nominee - Ranked 6th overall in the Short Story Romance category!



"5 stars! This one is different then L.E.'s others books, however I loved it; well written. I love this book, it was a short story but a well written one making me want to know more... I give it a 5 out of 5" -Mellisa Neal,

"5 stars! Wow! What a heart - stopping story. Don't miss this one!" -Suecup


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